Are Plantation Shutters Worth The Extra Cost?

Although plantation shutters are an interior design classic with enduring appeal, many homeowners experience some concern over their installation cost. Because they are often custom made using high-end materials, plantation shutters do tend to cost more than typical drapes or blinds. They make up for this through their longevity, flexibility and beauty, but are they really worth it? If you love the practical and aesthetic value of plantation shutters but are worried about their sticker price, you may be surprised to learn about these four ways they can help recover their initial cost and save you money in the long run.  

Increasing Your Home's Value

Unlike drapes, plantation shutters are seen as "real property," or a permanent improvement to your home. This means that they can be included as part of a mortgage, potentially increasing the sale price of your home. Not only do these shutters make a strong first impression on buyers, but they also represent an investment in quality design that speaks well to the value of the rest of the house. 

Improving Insulation in Winter

Plantation shutters can be adjusted to let in a wide range of light levels, from near-total darkness to wide-open sunshine, and this makes them particularly helpful in homes that experience dramatic seasonal temperature changes. An estimated one third of all heat loss in a home can be attributed to your doors and windows, adding up to substantial waste in your heating and electric bills. Plantation shutters that are closed during winter provide insulation for your windows by bouncing heat back into the room and can lead to significant savings. 

Reducing Sun Damage

You may not think of the sun as a threat to your home decor, but prolonged exposure to the sun's rays can ruin carpets, fade upholstery, crack leather and discolor artwork. When your furniture's lifespan is shortened by sun damage, you will be forced to spend more money, time and effort to periodically replace it. Plantation shutters are flexible enough to protect your furniture when you are not home and still bathe the room in sunlight while you are there to enjoy it, striking the perfect balance between preserving your furniture and actually using it.  

Outlasting Design Trends and Remodels

The final benefit of choosing custom, quality plantation shutters is that they are a timeless statement built to last for decades. Although they may be on average more expensive than  drapes or blinds, these shutters are also not meant to be replaced within a few years. While other interior design trends have come and gone, plantation shutters have maintained their popularity and show no signs of losing their widespread appeal. Their sturdy materials and subtle charm mean that, no matter what renovations you complete later, your shutters will always be a highlight of your home and well worth the initial investment.