The Teen Scene: Decorating Tips For Transitioning A Child’s Bedroom To A Teenager’s Bedroom

If your child has recently turned 13, you may wonder where time has gone, and you may feel a little sentimental as you reflect on their childhood years. It probably seems like yesterday you were decorating the nursery in preparation for the arrival of a new baby.

Like it or not, your child is a teenager, and it's time to put childish things in the past, including your child's bedroom. In fact, bedroom makeovers are the perfect birthday gift for new teens. What teen wouldn't love the chance to update their room to celebrate their new title of teenager?

Choose a bedding set first

One of the fastest ways to update your teen's room is with a new bedspread or comforter. Since the bed is usually the focal point of the bedroom, new bedding sets can bring a room to life and change the look of the entire room.

If your budget is limited, simply adding new bedding can turn a child's room into a room fit for a teen in an instant. Comforters in bright colors or bold geometric bedding sets are popular choices for teens and are suitable for boys and girls.

Once you and your teen choose a bedding set, you can design the rest of the room around the colors in the bed covering.

Do it their way

Most teens will want to be actively involved in designing their new room. Let them choose the color of paint for the walls and trim. Let their creative juices flow. A popular trend is to paint each wall a different color.

Stay supportive and helpful but allow them to make decisions based on what they like. If they are sports fans, they may want to decorate their room in their favorite team colors. Encourage them to create a room that reflects their unique personality, and don't discourage them if you don't like the colors or styles they choose.

Make it tech friendly

Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. No teen room would be complete without a place for technology. A charging station that will accommodate a tablet, cell phone, and an iPod will help keep your teen connected.

The great thing about the newest gadgets is their space-saving features. Flat screen televisions can be hung on the wall. Blue tooth speakers make listening to music easy and take up little space.

Keep it organized

Encourage your teen to stay organized by providing plenty of storage space. Shelving installed along a wall can hold colorful plastic bins to store hair accessories, school supplies, CDs, DVDs, etc. Closet organizers can keep shoes, belts, hats, and sports equipment under control.

If space is limited, consider choosing a wall desk rather than a standard desk. A wall desk will take up less space and will give the room a less cluttered look.

Making the transition from a child's room to a teen's room can be as simple as changing the bedding or as drastic as remodeling the entire room. Either way, you are celebrating a new and exciting milestone in your child's life by helping them design a room they will love.