Finding the Right Sink for a Family Bathroom

Updating the bathrooms in your home can be a simple way to make your home more functional while increasing its value. However, completing an update in a bathroom that will be used by the whole family can present some unique challenges.

Here are three considerations that you must take into account when selecting a new sink while remodeling a family bathroom to ensure that the space is functional for everyone that will be using the bathroom.

1. Easy Accessibility

It can be difficult for small children to reach the faucet of traditional bathroom sinks. Because many sinks are set into a recess cut from the countertop material, the faucet is set way back near the wall. If you want to make your family bathroom more child-friendly, you should consider investing in a semi-recessed sink instead.

These sinks sit at the front of the cabinets they are placed in, eliminating the extra countertop space between your child and the edge of the sink. This design brings your child closer to the faucet, making it easier for him or her to use the sink without having to rely on a bulky and awkward stool.

2. Easy Cleaning

Children can create quite a mess when using a family bathroom space. Toothpaste smudges and spilled soap are common on the countertops of many family bathrooms. If you know that your family can create a mess in their bathroom living space, then you will want to look for a sink that allows for easy cleaning.

Undermount sinks are the best option for families looking to make cleaning their bathroom countertops a breeze. Since the sink is mounted from below the countertop, there is no lip that impedes the wiping of water or other spills directly from the countertop's surface into the sink. Be sure to invest in an undermount sink if easy cleaning is your primary concern.

3. Affordability

Raising a family can be costly, so you might be trying to update your home's bathroom space on a limited budget. When cost is a concern, you should consider investing in an affordable all-in-one sink and countertop combination.

These sinks are molded along with the countertop as a single piece that can be attached to the top of your bathroom's vanity. There are no seams to collect grime, and these all-in-one products are durable enough to withstand the heavy use your family bathroom may experience.

Taking the time to consider your family's priorities when updating the family bathroom in your home will help you select a sink that will best meet your needs in the future.

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