Transform Your Master Bathroom Into One That Reminds You Of A Beach Setting

If your home's master bathroom was recently remodeled with a bamboo-framed vanity and mirror and dark-colored tub and you would like to add decorative features to the room that will remind you of being in a tropical paradise whenever you are soaking in the tub, try the following decorating tips to transform the room into one that reminds you of a beach setting.


  • decals
  • cleaning product
  • soft sponge
  • tape measure
  • stencils
  • bright-colored paint
  • thin paintbrush
  • potted plants
  • shelving unit
  • large seashells
  • shell sculptures
  • glass holders
  • small shells
  • sand
  • lights

Add Decals Or Painted Designs To The Walls

Cloud and ocean decals can be affixed to painted walls and will instantly add depth and color to each one. If you choose to use decals, clean the walls with a non-abrasive cleaning product and a soft sponge. Afterward, wait for the walls to dry. Use a tape measure to assist with centering each decal. After removing the paper backing from each decal, press the pictures against the walls.

If you are confident enough to paint designs on the walls and would like to take this route instead of using decals, purchase stencils that contain tropical designs and buy paint colors that are bright and that will enhance the vanity, mirror, and tub. After securing the stencils to the walls, Use thin paintbrushes to fill each one in with various colors of paint. After the paint has dried, peel the stencils from the walls. 

Set Potted Plants And Shells On Shelves

If your bathroom receives ample lighting, purchase some tropical potted plants and set them on top of a shelving unit that is front of the bathroom windows or that is directly underneath a skylight in the room. If the bathroom lacks windows, buy some artificial potted plants and place them on the shelving unit. Place large seashells or shell sculptures in between the plants or fill small glass holders with tiny shells and sand and set the glass holders on opposite ends of each shelf. 

If you enjoy bathing at night and would still like to enjoy looking at the shelving unit and pictures that are on the walls, add track lighting over the shelving unit or plug in some waterproof floor lamps on either side of the shelving unit. As you soak your troubles away and gaze at the new additions in the room, you can pretend that you are alongside the ocean in a tropical location and this may help you relax and reduce anxiety that you have been experiencing throughout the day. To learn more, contact a bathroom remodeling services company.