High-Rise Condos: What You Can Expect In Terms Of Price, Interior Design, And Living Style

Currently, many buildings that were once commercial properties are being transformed into high-rise condos. That seems like a strange phrase, considering that most condos are part of a smaller cluster of homes created out of a single structure and typically located closer to the ground, and high-rise is typically a phrase referring to government project housing in the inner/urban cities. Yet, here they are, in New York, in Las Vegas, in L.A., and several other major cities in the U.S. Curious? Here is what you can expect in terms of price, interior design, and living style.


These are not your grandparents' Florida condos, to be sure. The prices are often in the neighborhood of millions, placing these condos closer in the price range of many penthouses. In fact, that was originally the idea behind these condos; to create penthouse living on a larger scale, with a "more affordable" price tag and at locations lower than the very top floor of a building. ​

High-Rise Condo Interior Design

Most of the interior design work in these condos is super-posh, contemporary, and/or modern. No detail is less than luxurious, as you can see from some of the condos in Las Vegas, which feature chandeliers by the famed glass artist, Chihuly. These places are where you want to entertain multiple CEOs on any given night with a catered dinner and hors d'oeuvres, and lots of soft jazz or classical music to help facilitate business conversations. That is the kind of interior design you can expect in most of these high-rise condos.

Living Style

As for the living style of all of these condos, kids and pets are a big "no." They are not designed to be inhabited by children or animals, and when you look at them, you know that having children or pets in these condos would equal tens of thousands of dollars in damages. All of them are meant to be luxury living for wealthy singles or couples who do not have children or pets, and probably do not have any intentions of ever having children or pets. Some of the condo high-rises also have rules against children and pets, further emphasizing the fact that these multimillion-dollar homes are not for everyday families. However, if you have the money and you do not intend to have pets or offspring, then you will thoroughly enjoy the beauty, elegance, and austere luxury these condos offer.

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