Exploring Different Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

People often underestimate the power that a good choice of kitchen cabinets can have when remodeling a kitchen. What most people forget is that the kitchen is designed to hold a lot of storage space. As such, cabinets take up the most space. Therefore, the most prominent aspect of your kitchen will be the cabinets. 

If you get the cabinets right, your remodel project will not go wrong. Your taste and the budget you're working with will play a part in determining the kind of kitchen cabinets you choose. Here are some great options to choose from when undergoing kitchen remodeling.


Nothing exemplifies classic interiors like good old-fashioned wood! The smell of the fresh wood, the fine cuts, and the glossy varnish add the elegance you need to finish a well-orchestrated kitchen remodeling. The best thing about wood is that it comes in a variety that offers different textures, colors, and builds. You can also stain and vanish it to match it to the designs you have in mind.

On the flip side, wood is susceptible to change in humidity levels, which can make it expand or even warp when temperatures become too high. It demands high maintenance to keep it in its best form. Additionally, compared to some other options of materials, wood is relatively expensive.

Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC has quickly become one of the most popular cabinetry options in the current market. Besides being very affordable, it gives a nice, tough, clean finish that blends easily with any design. If you prefer the look of wood but you cannot afford it, you can choose a brand that offers PVC in a faux wooden mold.

Much as it might get to look like wood when needed, PVC doesn't have similar weaknesses as wood. For instance, it isn't susceptible to being attacked by termites. It also doesn't bend to the tune of humidity and heat. PVC is easy to clean and is very durable.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

HPL is a product that is made up of several layers of different kinds of paper and covered with an overlay. What makes it so strong is the fact that the layers are put under high temperatures and take over 1000kg per square meter of pressure. The result? A product strong enough to be used as long-lasting kitchen cabinetry.

HPL comes in a variety of finishes and colors, making it easy to blend with the kitchen remodeling. Because it's a strong product, it's highly resistant to scratches and chips. It's also easy to clean and maintain.